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In the world of startups, there are two types of people: those who wish to build an MVP application, and those who want to create a polished product. Building an MVP application is about testing your value proposition in the market before investing heavily into development. An MVP app will allow you to get feedback from your target customers and make changes accordingly or pivot if need be. Here are some reasons why building an MVP application may be right for you!

- You don't want to spend a lot of time and money on your product only for it not to work out.

- You need an application that can grow with you, so you are able to adapt as your business grows.

- It is cheaper than hiring developers in the long run! (see below)

- Testing your idea, product concept, and user experience or customer experience.


It is cheaper to build an MVP application than hiring developers in the long run. The average cost of a developer ranges from $75-$150 per hour, which can quickly add up if you need more hours or it becomes difficult for them to work with your team at all. Hiring full-time employees will also have benefits and drawbacks such as office overhead, hiring costs, benefits, and additional hidden costs.

If you are not sure whether your idea, product concept and user experience or customer experience will be well received by the market, then it is wise to use an MVP application. The cost of developing a minimum viable product will vary depending on what features do you want in your application? However as mentioned earlier hiring developers can quickly add up and this



Stephan Shere
Post by Stephan Shere
November 30, 2023